Fruit Salad

The variations are endless for fruit salad. You don't have to have all these fruits, but I wouldn't use any less than five different fruits. Some people use canned fruit (particularly mandarin oranges- yuck!), but you'll find none of that here. Here's our favorite combination. This is super easy!

2 Gala Apples (Ok, any apple will do, but these are my favorite)
1 Lb Strawberries
4 Clementines or 2 Oranges
1 Peach or Nectarine
2 Cups Halved Grapes (it's easier to eat that way)
1 Banana
1 Cup Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt (or more if you really like, but you have to use Yoplait Vanilla to get the right flavor and texture)

Cut all the fruit into bite sized pieces. Mix Yogurt and fruit in a medium sized bowl. Serve cold.

If you are like my husband and want whipped cream, whip up 1/2 cup of cream and mix it in with the salad- but it's perfect without.

Other fruit I'll add if I have it on hand: Kiwis, mangoes, pineapple,  pears and plums.

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