We went to Taiwan back in the spring. I tried a lot of food, some I loved, some I gagged on. Breakfast in Asia is quite different from here in the states. It isn't breakfast! They eat the same things at pretty much every meal. Sorry but chicken and soy sauce covered veggies just doesn't sit well early in the morning for me. There was this little food chain called Beautiful and Breakfast my husband ran to for our breakfast a couple of times (he lived there and knew of this marvelous place). I immediately fell in love with DanBing (don-bing). This is the perfect American style Chinese breakfast food. It is super simple, which I am all about.

 To make one,you need:
 1 large square egg roll wrap
 1 beaten egg
 1/2 slice of bacon

 That is it. I eat two for breakfast, and to make things work just right only make two at a time. No worries if you want to make more, it goes really fast, so there is not a huge time commitment if you'd rather make 10. 

Cook the bacon in a medium frying pan. Keep the fat in the pan(if you don't use it, your DanBing will be dry and lacking in flavor). Pour the beaten egg into the still hot pan (just a bit above medium heat) in a square shape. Allow it to cook without stirring. Place the egg roll wrap onto the egg while it is still shiny. After about 30 seconds flip the egg/wrap over with a spatula or tongs and allow it to finnish cooking. It is done when the egg is cooked and the dough has golden brown spots. Roll the bacon up inside the egg/wrap egg side in. You can since it into 1" strips and eat with chop sticks, or just use a fork.

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